Three weird eateries in London

Almost anyone that is going to be hitting London for the day is thinking about food as part of the trip. There are so many places to eat and so many unique styles that anyone can find something that they will like in the huge city. Some of the strangest places to eat can be found there too and over the year I have found just a few of these in my travels.

Beach Blanket Babylon- A step back in time

I would eat here every day and live in the basement during the night if they would let me. I have never been in a restaurant or eatery that makes me want to move in so badly in my life. This is basely loosely or strongly, sometimes it is hard to tell, on the style of the old Gregorian Mansions.

This is combined with a quirky and insane layout that is much like the Winchester Mansion in the United States. There are hallways and byways and what appear to be secret chambers. It is so crazy that the last thing I was thinking about was the menu, which, by the way, is absolutely fantastic.

Meatliquor- Perfect Impact of the West End

Every time I go to the Meatliquor restaurant I expect to find Malcolm MacDowell. I am not talking about the modern Malcolm, but the Clockwork Orange Malcolm. There are bright lights and promises all over the place in Meatliquor.

Graffiti is pretty much everywhere that it can be placed and that is combined with neon and patchwork patterns of wood grains and stone. It is easily the one restaurant that says everything that the West End has to say in one loud statement. The menu is simple, but still has a classy feel to it. There are burgers and floats and that type of fare, but I always love the food and keep coming back for more.


Whether Asian and Pan Asian is what you are looking for or not, you must try the Gilgamesh. I have never been there to see the actual opening of the roof, but the entire roof retracts to allow the whole restaurant to view the sky.

I have been there with the rood open, but have never seen the process itself. Even when the rood is closed, the d├ęcor is like stepping into the East. Even with the entire London sky floating in from above, there is the feel that you have left everything behind and enters another world all together. When I am in London on business and the day is frantic, this is the place that I go to leave it all behind. I can feel the stress fall off of me as I walk through the door.

The World of London

I live less than thirty kilometers from London, but I do not get to go as often as I would like. The entire city is like a world of its own and it would take me or anyone else a lifetime to experience all of the food choices.

If you are limited on time and can only hit one place per month or week, I seriously suggest these three as places to get started. Each has its own character and each has its own voice. Give them a try and you will not be even close to disappointed.