How taking holidays is proven to reduce stress

Why taking holidays is important for the health?

Holidays are good for the body and mind: to confirm it there are so many studies that indicate the benefits of having a break.

Many scientists say that renouncing holidays is dangerous to health because this situation can be the cause of physical and mental problems. All of these effects could turn into stress, anxiety and increased blood pressure. A scientific research by Allianz Global Assistance found that more than half of Americans (precisely 56%) didn’t have holidays. In addition, 61% of Americans on holiday do not really stand out and continue to work outside the office.

The scientific research showed that people who remained at work had higher blood pressure, higher values of stress and a poorer quality of sleep, while who went on vacation had a number of benefits to mental and physical level. A lot of psychotherapists have no doubt: the results emerged clearly show that most people feel happier and less stressed when taking holidays.

The response confirms the results of the Framingham study, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in 1991: all housewives who went on vacation every six years or less doubled the risk of heart disease. For this reason taking holidays is proven to reduce stress and anxiety and it’s a great help to feel better.

Relaxation and stress reduction are very important for the health: these advices can be followed through daily activities such as sports and meditation, but also holidays can play a prominent role. Lots of psychologists say that the beneficial effects of taking holidays are not only in the physical, but also in the humor. Taking holidays increases creativity, regenerates motivation, increases the level of happiness and reduces the level of stress. Do not taking holidays can also worsen the working activity and feeling envious about all friends on holidays with more propensity to make mistakes.

So when physical and mental fatigue comes, it’s necessary to take a break and spend time in total relaxation with friends or family. Getting more time available, it’s also possible consider the idea of organizing a trip to a place nice to visit. This long break will distract and regenerate the mind, bringing with it the most beautiful memories. At the end of holidays the body will be able to feel more fit and have a more active mind.

Therefore, with regular holidays in a myriad of destinations it is possible to face work difficulties with greater lucidity, feeling better at the physical and mental level. While work is important in every person’s life, a long break is equally indispensable to increase the concentration and ultimately to live longer.  If reading this piece has whet your appetite for a taking a holiday hop over to one of the specialist advance booking holiday portals where you can browse through a range of holiday destinations and start putting that mind on the pathway to relaxation right now!


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