Top Places and Hidden Spots to Enjoy Free Music in London

If you are traveling to London or are a local of the city, there’s no better way to enjoy your spare time than by listening to some of the city’s very best free music. There’s no need to pay large fees for concerts and events within the Capital City when you can check out these secret spots that regularly host free music events and performances from lesser-known acts to more well-known acts around London. If you are looking to hear some of the best live music in the city, these top entertainment destinations are sure to provide you with a fun and exciting time during your stay in London, England.

Live Music at The National Theatre – A Variety of Sounds

Head down to the South Bank of London where you will find The National Theatre. While this venue hosts many events that require tickets, simply coming on the right days and at the right times can give you the chance to hear some of the city’s very best live musical performances. Free foyer music is held here during lunchtime hours and at pre-performances. Here you will find everything from cool jazz sounds to classical music and upbeat hits of today.

Southbank Centre – Free Music at its Best

Southbank Centre in London offers tourists and locals alike with relaxing environment to enjoy free music and entertainment. Visitors can stop by the bar for a drink or walk around and do some shopping while enjoying a perfect view of the Clore Ballroom. Sit back, relax and enjoy your drink while you listen to free live music on select days at Southbank Centre.

Trafalgar Square – Festivals and Events

Trafalgar Square is the place to go in London for festivals, ceremonies, sporting events, artistic events and much more. In addition, many events held here are open to the general public and are completely free. Relax in the grassy fields while you enjoy listening to free music from many different acts within the area. Some popular events held at this outdoor venue include the Liberty Festival and Christmas in the Square where you can participate in many different festivities while enjoying musical acts and much more.

Covent Garden Market – Shopping and Music

The Covent Garden Market is not only the perfect place to go for shopping, but is a great destination within the city to hear free music on a regular basis. Shop through the wide variety of arts and crafts, homemade goods, antiques and more while you listen to music that can be heard from the centre of the market. To see who is performing that day, simply visit the middle of Covent Garden Market and look down onto the lower level. You may enjoy everything from classical piano pieces to opera singers and more.

London is truly an excellent destination to enjoy a wide range of cultural activities, events and musical performances. No matter where you choose to go during your stay in the city, you are sure to find performers singing their favorite songs whether it be in a local pub, on a street corner or in the park. Free music could not be any better than it is in London, England.


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